What should have been and what is

The sun is out and we are catching up on all the jobs in the garden and on the farm. All the fields have been chain harrowed and rolled, ditches have been cleaned out, grass seed has been planted, vegetable garden is growing, flower seeds are germinating and this years orphan lambs are thriving while I am needing more sleep due to the late and early feeds.

But sadly it’s 2020 and we are in the middle of the worst world pandemic of a generation, the whole world is in Lockdown and everyday people all over planet earth are dying in their thousands from COVID 19 an evil virus that attacks the lungs.

Once a day at 5 pm we come inside to listen to the Government telling us we must wash our hands, social distance and stay in our homes as they are following the best scientific advice in order to flatten the death curve. They make promises that there will be more PPE for the NHS and more testing for the virus and then the press ask silly questions that no one can possibly know to answer to, such as when and what will be the lockdown exit strategy be? It all seems empty words as this week our Prime Minister is in intensive care, most of his cabinet seem to have had the virus, no other country has its leaders in intensive care! A month ago knowing the virus was here amongst us they allowed Crufts to run, they allowed The Cheltenham Festival to go ahead, hundreds of thousands of people mixing together from all over Europe spreading the deathly virus.

As the pandemic desolated Italy, we watched helpless each morning as UK journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan desperately begged the Government to stop all UK large social gatherings, cancel pop concerts, football matches, Crufts and Cheltenham and lock the UK down before we inevitably became the next Italy. Piers made so much sense but no one listened until more days had passed and it was too late. Instead the science advice was followed and everything was shut down as the phrase unfortunately says, after the horse had bolted, while COVID 19 started its grim human party.

Here is today’s tweet from Piers it’s all very sad.

Its ironic as if there there had been an outbreak of the Strangles virus or equine flu among our horses the racing authorities wouldn’t have risked the horses and Cheltenham wouldn’t have been allowed run!

So we are here in lockdown praying for the NHS, for all those fighting the virus, praying no one close to us gets caught by it, and hoping life can one day return to some sort of normal order.

Today we should have been at the British Dressage Championships, the event sponsor NAF kindly sent us all this roll of honour, it’s brightened my day to receive this. Renkum Capitano has been turned out for a holiday. The only horse I am working gently is lovely Desmond, he’s the more steady and safer of my horses.

A few weeks ago I got up at 5.30 am and took Desmond to Chase End, it was our last proper long ride before the exercise restrictions came into place which limit us to an hour a day. It was the most wonderful and magical ride, Desmond was such a star even letting me film on my phone while I rode one handed, you can join us on our ride here.