Hartpury Petplan Area Dressage Festival & The Divine Equestrian Midway Champs

No idea what I was thinking when I entered 4 days of dressage at Hartpury.

But with 2 championships being held on our doorstep at Hartpury and Captain had qualified for both the Midway Champs and the British Dressage Area Festival, it seemed sensible to go and get some dressage Championship practise in.

It was a long hot 4 days, but Captain was an absolute star. The midway champs involved riding 2 tests in each class over 2 days and the scores were then added up to decide the Champion. Captain came 8th in the Elementary that was pretty exciting . Then for the Novice which had such a huge entry of over 50 horses, it had to be split so to decide the Championship we had to do an extra test, the top 5 riders from the 2 sections had to do a ride off test. We rode in reverse order the best going last, building to an exciting finale. I was in 4th place, the commentary revved it up as we went into the arena to perform out test “Next to go here is Stella Bunn on Renkum Capitano lying in an impressive 4th place” hearing that set my nerves jangling. I made one massive error of test! The other riders were also effected by the atmosphere and some horses were fading in the bank holiday record breaking heat. Unbelievably Captain moved up to 3rd place. We had to do a Champions mounted prize giving and won £80. Amazing, Captain really is just the best boy ever.

Sunday we were back for the British Dressage Pet Plan Area Festival, just one test to ride this time, Captain went beautifully and went into 3rd place. We then had an agonising 4 hour wait for the rest of the riders to go, but no one moved us off our 3rd spot and so we were treated to another Championship mounted prize giving, plus he’s qualified for the finals later this year.

We Won at Homme House !

Entered this event with no idea how I would feel when faced with Cross Country jumps again. The event was 8 weeks to the day from my freak accident, I am still healing. So I dropped the horses down a level and entered the 90 Open class.

The sun shone all day, the ground was lovely and being our most local event, its near Ledbury, it meant I had masses of support from many understanding, amazing friends, all wishing me good luck throughout the day. Even as I edged into the start box, with less than a minute to spare before the 10 second countdown, a friendly face popped out of the Commentators Box to say good luck, thanks Bea x

Both horses did a good dressage and went clear Show Jumping and Cross country inside the time. Brave boys and they really looked after me too.

As soon as I finished I had some other voluntary work to do. Putley Pony Club give up their time to work at the event and as a treat for helping they have a course walk with one of the riders, Louise Harwood had agreed to do it this year but she was badly injured after a fall at Gatcombe so I offered to take her place.

I was out walking the course with the lovely young riders from Putley Pony Club when I came across my freind Ingrid Peck who was fence judging, she gave me a huge hug, and said “well done on your win” I didn’t even know that I won as I had rushed off to get the course walk organised.

What an amazing day, I had won on Renkum Capitano, the same horse who had fallen in the freak accident.