Captain and his first Newcomers

We travelled the 3 hours to Pontispool in Somerset last weekend for another Novice with Captain, he was in 6th place after dressage and despite the SJ causing chaos for many he jumped well and we moved up to 5th after one rail in the Show Jumping. However we decided to not run XC, the ground was firm and the course well up to higher end of Novice which he wasn’t quite ready for, plus despite the good results i wasn’t happy with how I rode the Show Jumping.

Driving home I was busy planing a training schedule to improve this phase. I felt I needed to get him more in front of the leg and off my aids, I felt I was protecting him far too much and now I wanted to allow him to think for himself more.

A week of schooling and experimenting and off to Summerhouse we went.

Captain was amazing the improvement was incredible he pinged round his first 1.10 Newcomers track easily double clear for 6th place and the highest placed Newcomer horse. What a fantastic day and what a brilliant little horse he is.

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