Eventing 2019 Has Began

Super excited to start the season with a 3rd place in the 90 at Aston Le Walls. Ruby Tuesday did a good dressage test, little bit tense and a clear SJ. I have always wanted to win my first event of a season, haven’t done that yet, and so we set off XC really positively. Ruby was flying, she was so quick through the water and the other tricky fences, she felt amazing reminding me of Icon my old Advanced horse.

A couple of fences from him I checked my stop watch and realised I was way ahead of the set time. I slowed Ruby up and gave her a pat, “steady up a bit lady” I whispered to her.

We cantered slowly towards the last and I had another quick glance at my watch, sugar, we had over done it and were now dropping behind the time. I kicked on and we flew the last but we were slow with 2 seconds over time. This gave us 0.8 of a time fault and dropped us from 1st to 3rd. I was delighted with Ruby she was awesome but I was kicking myself for my error. Lesson learnt and I will be sharper next time.

Meanwhile Captain has been out show jumping and XC schooling in preparation for his first event, he finished 3rd in the 1 metre class at Hartpury. He’s on springs and feels very ready to start Eventing soon. Very exciting to have some lovely ones to event this year.

The baby of the yard, 5 year old Chief is back in work and has been to his first show of 2019 today at Allens Hill. He won the 80 and also went DC in the 90. He now measures just under 17 hh and I wonder if I should maybe sell him as he is a big horse for me to manage. When he jumps so well and is such a kind and gentle giant it seems daft not to keep him.

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