Still Winning

Had a fab weekend at a Hartpury BS show. Ruby came 2nd in the 90 with some hot competition in the class, she even won money £20.

For the next class I had asked for special permission from the judge to jump first, as I had to take my lovely Dad for an important appointment. We jumped first and amazingly Ruby jumped a fab clear, it was pretty nerve wracking going first as it was a big class and all the other riders like to watch the first horse jump, everyone wants to see how the course rides.

Home pretty quickly and off to Redditch for Dad’s appointment. Then a few hours later, sat in the car in the middle of Redditch and, with the wonders of the internet, I get a photo from a friend telling me Ruby had only gone and won the class, another £35 won and she is now lying in the top 25 Show Jumping horses in the West Midlands Bronze League. What a little star she is.

Hartpury was a 2 day show and we went back the next day, a rail down in the 90 meant no prizes this time, but a double clear in the metre gave us a 5 more points towards our Bronze League placing.

Her winning jumping round can be seen here.

Winner X 3

It’s my birthday weekend, and although I would rather go jumping, there was a dressage competition being held at the lovely Hartpury Arena. With snow forecast an indoor event just down the road was slightly more appealing, even though it meant getting up at 5.30 am to clean and plait the horses.

The day turned out to be an exceptionally good one. The competition was a higher level than normal with 5* rider Franky Reid-Warilow having 3 of her Novice horses both in the Prelim and the Novice. She arrived in an enormous and very beautiful lorry, and had some stunning horses to ride, we were all in awe.

I have my 5 year old Baloutero home for the winter, we bought him last May, we based with Louise Harwood for the Autumn where he has proven himself as an outstanding show jumper, winning £200 in just a few outings and qualifying for the Blue Chip Championships and also jumping his first Newcomers with just one rail lowered.

Other news is that Mitty Hardy Eventing has sold Miranda for me , she was the kindest and most gentle horse to look after and she had been a bit of a winning machine both in Dressage and Eventing. I had hoped she might make me an advanced horse, she had a huge careful jump and gave me some super rides XC.

The days dressage at Hartpury turned into a perfect day, Baloutero was a bit green in the dressage but we won the class, coming equal first on 70% to the 5* rider Franky.

Then Tracy, who I coach, finished in the ribbons just behind myself and Franky. What an amazing day for her, by far her best dressage test to date, and only beaten by 4* and 5* riders.

Edentrillick Ruby Tuesday then was a little darling, best foot forward and did two super tests to win both the Novice and the Elementary.

We arrived home to find my friend Nikki who I also coach, had returned from Allens Hill and won both her classes too, she’s tougher than us and did outdoors dressage in the rain!!

A pretty fab day.