Happy New Year

Looking forward to leaving some of the sadder memories of the last 2 years behind and moving forwards into 2019.

I am so lucky to have recently found a perfect new horse in Ruby bred by William Green in Ireland, she’s an absolute delight both to ride and look after. We have already won several dressage competitions together, she’s such a fun, full of life horse she also absolutely loves her jumping. Can’t wait to take her Eventing and hopefully we will have many years of fun with her, as at last I have found a horse that I can start dreaming about doing a three day event on.

We have a new yard cat currently named The White Cat. He’s a partly feral city cat rescued by a friend of mine, he has spent a month shut inside the barn glaring at me, growling and hissing from his hiding place. He was supposed to be sleeping in the house at night but after a few scratches and even a bite, when moving him, I gave that up and left him alone. Suddenly today after a month, he mewed at me and came over purring and being lovely! Cats are very weird !