Sad News about Sweep

So sad that lovely Sweep my bearded collie X border collie, at 14 years old we sadly and suddenly lost to cancer 2 months ago. She was probably the most gentle happiest, smiliest and kindest dog you could ever wish for. She was well known locally for taking our 2 cats for a walk on the common while we were frantically looking for them all, they would be mouching through the gorse bushes together. She always came when called though and would arrive cheerfully bouncing in through the front gate, with the two cats running behind her. She happily tolerated both Tangle and Hugo as puppies, they would hang off her ears by their teeth, pull her tail and maul her about and I never once saw her growl or reprimand them. Bless her. Photos of Sweep and friends including two that always make me smile as she decided if her muddy feet weren’t touching the sofa then it didn’t actually count as her being on the sofa!!