Feeling Feeble

Aston Le Walls unaffiliated was interesting. Nikki despite being poorly very kindly stepped in to groom as Ant was busy having a winning streak with his chickens at the Autumn Show.

Chief pulled out another sub 30 dressage of 26, he was slightly above his station this week but I managed to keep a tap on his enthusiasm to make it look OK. A clear SJ followed, all good so far and in-line for a top 3 placing. 🏆

We set out XC thinking of trying to get near the time ….. after fences 1 and 2 it became clear to me that at a decent XC canter I was like a fairy sat on top of a Rhinoceros 🦏 and had no say whatsoever in what Chief was doing.

So I quickly invented a plan B anchoring his enthusiasm into a very restricted more controllable SJ canter and prayed our way round, but I still lacked control and now had him so anchored he lacked power and he took me around fence 4 before the water for 20 penalties, by fence 10 my arms were like jelly and he was quite cross with me.

I have never been so glad to see the last fence in my life, the change of bit definitely didn’t work at all, my arms felt like they had been controlling a stampede of buffalos and Plan C of taking up Chicken Showing was looking far more appealing!

Many thanks to Nikki for giving up her valuable time and for being supergroom particularly after XC.

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