Zed, Chief & Burghley 4*

The lovely 2 year old Renkum Electric Zed (head photo below) has just come in for some baby horse training. He will have a few days lunging and long reining, I will also will introduce him to a rug and a saddle and I will also check he hasn’t forgotten that he ties up without pulling back, I will also ensure he’s still good to brush and have all his feet picked up. He will then be turned back into the 30 acre field until the spring. They are checked daily by my wonderful Dad and otherwise left alone to be horses. The field is so under-grazed, large and sheltered that they do well out there all year just eating grass, playing and sleeping.

Renkum Chief is back in work and just done a super clear at his first event of the Autumn Season, photo below of him flying the second fence. He is still my favourite, he completely missed his footing at the step out of the water yet he still managed to regain his balance and jump the second step and the corner jump that followed. He’s an awesome horse to ride.

I am grooming for Louise Harwood who has two rides at Burghley this weekend. Mr Potts is doing his 14th 4* and Balladeer Miller Man is making his 4* debut. Very excited and I will be putting behind the scenes photos on Instagram and hopefully twitter, if the signal is good enough.