Keeping Coaching Up To Date

The British Horse Society have just issued us all with these lovely new certificates. The BHS qualifiactions are regarded as the best in the world. They are the only Equestrian coaching qualification in the UK where you are examined in every aspect of horse care and also the only coaching qualification where the coaches own riding ability is also examined.

I took my BHS coaching exams in 2006. It was an expensive and time consuming task, each exam is usually half a day in length, apart from the First Aid where the initial course is 2 days.

To be able to Coach with a BHS Accredited qualification you need to pass 9 practical exams, they are pretty scary as you are closely observed by examiners through every aspect of horse care and management, human emergency first aid and also actual coaching too.

We have to pass three horse care and management exams these include everything from lunging a horse, tacking it up, getting it fit, feeding, travelling, knowing the horses bone and muscle structure…,the list goes on and on.

We also take three riding exams where our riding is assessed on the flat, show jumping and cross country, all on different horses whom we haven’t ridden before.

Plus we have to pass the following

Riding & road safety test.

First aid for equine coaches

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Finally we sit the actual coaching exam, where we are examined while we coach riders in a lead rein lesson, a lunge lesson, dressage lesson and a jumping lesson, plus we have to give a lecture on an equine management topic with only a short time to prepare as the topic is given to us on the day of the exam.

We also have to keep our first aid up to date attending a practical course every 2 years.

Once we are fully qualified our coaching skills need to be updated regularly by attending professional development courses.



Feeling Fabulous at Eland

Took my two Renkum horses to Eland Lodge to do a 90 one day event. It was a long way to go for an unaffiliated but so worth it. I walked the XC and thought crikey this is tough. Captain has done lots of 90 tracks yet this was the toughest he had seen. Never mind him Chief has only done one 90 and I thought this was very challenging for him indeed.

Both boys jumped clear SJ and then both went clear XC, Chief made it feel unbelievably easy and Captain found some incredible springs as you can see in the photos below.

Their XC rounds gave me such a fabulous feeling having bought them as unbacked 3 year olds and here they were taking me round a decent and testing XC course and making it feel really easy. Happy days.

Videos of them going XC can be found by clicking on their names Chief and Captain