Dandelions and Buttercups.

The weather has suddenly dried up really fast, leaving us no time to harrow and roll the paddocks to calm down the rough poached ground, the remnants of one of the wettest spring seasons that I can recall.

All the free water means the weeds have had a party and I am at war hand spraying the docks and thistles. Hand spraying is better for the paddocks as it leaves all the herbage and plants to thrive, better for the horses and all the wildlife, particularly the insects which in turn of course will feed the birds. Clearly the Dandleions and Buttercups have loved the weather as the fields are awash with their bright yellow flowers. Buttercups in abunandance are sadly poinsonous to horses so we have had to reluctantly ask someone to come in and spray the worst field off. The cheerful Dandelions are happily harmless so we can continue to enjoy watching them turn from yellow lion heads to delicate clocks that are whisked away with the first breeze.

My lovely Chief jumped clear round Solihull, his first 90 XC last weekend, once again he felt awesome XC. Miranda jumped clear round her first 80/90 Show Jumping and is now on a summer holiday as she still needs to grow.

Captain is being aimed at some dressage shows shortly with a view to start Eventing in a few weeks, he had 5 events in a row cancel this spring due to the wet ground.

Here are some watery based photos as after a dry spell, it is raining, maybe we can harrow the fields after all !!

Photos are

Tangle, he gets wetter than other dogs but his light coat means he drys faster!

My Joseph’s Coat rose which has blooms that turn from oranage to yellow to pink, an old English rose I bought online in 2017 from David Austin Roses.

Chief cantering boldly through the water at Solihull.


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