I Didn’t Expect This…

…. to happen, watch this video of Desmond and Maisie the young puppy here.

I always like to do little video clips when I am training the young horses as it’s good to look back on, and I hope it will inspire others to use correct training methods in the early education of their young horses.

Maisie is a friends young dog who is still really just a puppy, I always like to long rein my youngsters past her house as Maisie likes to bark over the wall. When she barks at the horses her owner always call her back, but she does make them jump sometimes as she pops her head over the wall.  The horses soon get used to her but even so I like the young horses to have met her on long reins while I am on the ground to reassure them.

We had quite an adventure today, a sheep stuck with it’s head through pig wire and we also went to see the Herdwick Sheep. Desmond was just perfect the whole way, he’s unbeliable.



Feeling Famous

I seem to be trending on social media today.

It all began late last night when I opened up the British Eventing Website to enter an event.

After missing a couple of important announcements last year I now ensure the page opens first onto the British Eventing News page.

A small news line caught my eye, 2018 post rulebook rule changes. Oh I have read these already I thought, the new falls rule has been well publicised. But I clicked into the story anyway, no harm in double checking. To my amazement one of the rule changes was that the new Novice Dressage Test 131 (2018) has been completely rewritten. So much so we now trot up the centre line and turn right instead of left. OMG I thought, how many people are not going to see this and get eliminated in the dressage, all that effort, time, training and money wasted. This would be a disaster.


So although I guessed, everyone else had maybe read it already and I was the probably the only person who hadn’t seen it, I posted a photo of the amended test on social media anyway.


Over 25,0000 views plus over 100 shares in less than 24 hours shows quite clearly I wasn’t the only person to have missed this important rule change.

Even the great Ian Stark, Olympian, Badminton winner and my childhood Eventing hero has shared it. I am feeling very famous and even more flabbergasted. I feel like I could now retire from all social media activities as I can’t better this lol !!

ALthough now I have seen how many people didn’t know……. the devilish side of me is wondering If I had said nothing would I have been the only one who turned the correct way up the centre line and then I maybe I could have won!!

But my Mum always taught me honesty is the best policy, cheats never prosper and…… but it wouldn’t have been cheating….. would it …….???


Facebook steals my BLOG

I seem to be updating Facebook instead of my blog lately, sorry about that if you don’t do Facebook!

Horses are going well, Captain won his first attempt at BD dressage, not sure if that was becoause the standard wasn’t that high or if he really did pull off a smart test! I felt there was lots of room for improvement so I was surprised that he won.

So I have kidded myself that I we have that phase nailed and have been out jumping the last few weeks, he’s won some BS £ and has qualified for second rounds at British Novice. I would rather be Eventing though and already the first March events are taking entries and we are in!! Went to do Jumping and Style at Hartpury yesterday his round is here,he was the youngsest horse in the class. He’s such a star.

The lovely Chief is still being lovely, not sure he will be a world beater but he’s brave and a trier and I can’t help but love a trier! Video of his latest jumping competition, which was his first bs show, is here.

We have bought another Renkum 2 year old, Renkum Jitterbug, bay gelding and a real event type with a lovely temperament.

We have sent Buddy to Louise Harwood to SJ and event for us, at 15.2 he was just too small for me and Louise is getting a really fab tune from him, over 70% in his last few dressage tests and he’s jumping well BS. He will be for sale if anyone is looking for a good correct 5 year old. Although if he continues to grow, I might have him back.

Spring is here, I took these photos this morning