Happy New Year 2018

Looking forward to 2018 with three lovely horses to ride.

5 year old Captain over Christmas has been Show Jumping in affiliated competitions and now has British Show Jumping (BS) points and prize money to his name, he is soon to do some affiliated dressage too, he can have some very wobbly, unbalanced  moments but today training at home, we had a wow moment when I am certain he walked for a 9.

Just need to pull that out in a competition now to prove it!!!

4 year old Chief is progressing unbelievably quickly, I absolutely adore him and I think he’s going to be outstanding, but due to his size and current greeness, he can occasionally feel very plain and cumbersome. Having said that he is the most advanced 4 year old I have had at this age, he is jumping confidently round 80/90 courses and is very trainable, he is also an absolute pleasure to hack and to do in every way.

4 year old Miranda has a similar attitude to Chief although she is weaker and also has some growing to do, consequently she has been turned away for a few months holiday. I love riding her as she’s so easy, brave, well mannered and very flash, but I will just have to be patient.

Looking back on 2017 we began the year with a new supporter Jess Photography and have had fun promoting her business. We have loved having Jess along to some of the events, she is fab to have around and she has taken some lovely photos of the horses.

The horses I have produced myself were fab in 2017 with Captain winning his Qualifier at Chepstow and finishing in 11th place at the British Young Horse Championships, I really couldn’t have asked for a better result. Most of the other riders at the Championships have huge teams of horses, grooms and owners, so to roll up in our ancient lorry with my friend Nikki Cox as unpaid groom for the day, and beat some of the best in the UK was very rewarding.

Also in 2017 we sadly lost our very close friends Tom Searle and Sean Gooney. Then more recently the lovely and incredibly brave Angie Stephenson.

Losing these lovely people in such a short time span has made 2017 the hardest year of my life, all of them gone far too early.

So 2018 is going to be a year when I need to look forward and not back and make the most of the beautiful place we live in, enjoy these lovely horses I am lucky enough to ride while I am still (just about) young and fit enough to ride and enjoy competing them.


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