Feet not touching the floor

Last few weeks have whizzed by, I know what people mean when they say they have been so busy their feet have hardly touched the floor, we have packed so many things in.

Captains been getting busy sharpening up his dressage moves and also I have began to jump him a little bigger ready for his 1.05 SJ at the young horse champs in October. He was 3rd at an ODE last week at Rectory Farm, giving me a super ride XC he is so good in all 3 phases.

The new stables were completed in the last few days, we have been painting the exterior wooden walls to make them all look old and weathered, it was fun balancing 20 feet up on the scaffolding slapping preservative on everywhere until I realised I had dripped it onto the scaffolding, making an oily slippery death trap of the planks I was standing on YIKES!!!


Finding enough ancient tiles for the roof and also bricks to compete the walls has taken a while and we are just a few hundred bricks short now. Ant is on eBay every night sourcing them, we have been to Malvern, Pershore, Worcester, Hereford plus loads of other places collecting reclaimed bricks and tiles, they need to be over 100 years old to look the part and it’s not been easy finding enough of them at the right price. Thank you to everyone who have helped us by lending us trailers and flat bed lorries to make collecting them easier. On one trip to the centre of Hereford I had to transfer by hand 400 tiles from the back of someone’s garden and across a busy back street onto the trailer where Ant was waiting to pack them. Had a few near misses with speeding cars, very hard to be nifty carrying heavy tiles, but at least it was keeping me fit and we have saved 1,000’s of pounds. We found 40 ridge tiles on eBay which match the ancient barn which was already here, they cost us just £1.26 for all 40, plus a bit of petrol of course to go and collect them, eBay is brilliant for bargains.


I went to Burghley Horse Trials last weekend to groom for the lovely Louise Harwood, a fantastic day as always, Louise finished 20th with an amazing clear XC. I was lucky enough to walk the course with her on her final walk round which was an enormous privillage and very educational for me.

The next few weeks are just as busy, Captain and Dynamo have a few events to go to and next years 4 year olds are starting to prepare for their first shows. Teaching is still busy at the moment, hopefully it will all start to quieten down as the season starts to get nearer to its end, then I will need to start long reining the 2 year olds.

Not had much time for gardening, so it’s a good job I made time earlier in the year and I am enjoying the results now. I grew quite a few things from seed including these Sunflowers, love their cheery faces.



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