Dippy Does his first grown up ODE

A busy week for us all, the yard is being finished along with our car port building , so we have had 2 lots of builders here all week. I have also been doing lots of gardening, so rewarding when everything starts to flower. I keep admiring everyone else’s gardens as I ride past their houses and I can’t wait to have a nice garden to look at of my own.


I collected Miranda from Julie Houldey where she has been away being broken in. Dynamo is also back in work, all seems to have happened at once, and looking at Captains holiday plan he only has 10 days left of his month holiday if he is to be ready to go Eventing in early July.

Dippy went to the lovely Sapey to do his first proper one day event, so with the XC going across open fields and all being timed etc. The event was short on fence judges so I sent out a few emails and Facebook shares. Many thanks to Don and Sue, Nikki and Sean, and Sally and Becky who all came along to fence judge. Hope you all enjoyed your day and the wine Sapey was giving out afterwards.

Dippy did a super test for 29, he still needs to soften and open out his neck but he kept a lovely balanced rhythm throughout. He then jumped clear SJ and clear XC with just  5 times faults.

Katie Baker whom I coach finished 2nd, Tracy and Blue were ecstatic to complete a super round with a rider sat nav issue when she chose to jump a 90 cm fence, 2 levels above the one required, and no she didn’t get extra points sadly that’s an elimination. But still excellent experience for horse and rider, and he who doesn’t make mistakes is doing nothing challenging.

Video of Dippy here.  On the Xc he sets off all crooked and green and by the end a bold XC horse appears!

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