Dippy has a Busy Week

IMG_1050The Sunday of Badminton Horse Trials saw Ant and I heading off to Solihull to do a didi one day event with Dippy. I watched the Badminton trot up in between plaiting and stopped the lorry in a lay by on route to watch Louise and Potts Show Jump online on Ants phone.

Solihulls event was an express one, times were given for dressage and then we had to SJ and XC within the next hour. What a fab idea, we had to SJ in our XC stuff and then we were funnelled into the XC warm up, 2 jumps over the logs and off we went.

Dippy finished on his dressage of 30 with a nice double clear. My client Tracy Haines on her lovely young horse Blue, did a spectacular dressage of 23 to finish 4th. A really lovely day and it was a sunny one. See Dippy SJ here.

Later that week Dippy did dressage at Gadbury, scoring 77% to win the class, he is improving daily and try’s so hard.

Then 2 days later he took Mindys place at Broadway (as I have sold her) and schooled round the 80 XC. I missed a few fences out though as I didn’t dare jump the down hill fences without shoes. We had rain this week for the first time for weeks and it had made the grass a bit slick to jump downhill. However he did jump the water, the ditch/half coffin and the steps, pretty boldly for a baby too. Photo is from the water see the mini clip of him splashing through his favourite jump here.IMG_4123

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