The Unbelievable Dippy

This boy is rather special. IMG_0872

Dezina Double Dip is just amazing, all my other horses that have gone to Lincombe to do Arena Eventing started with a 60 cm class. Ultra confident Dippy gets thrown in the deep end with a 70 cm and not only that it’s an ODE with dressage and more fences to jump than the others have had to deal with. There were no green moments at all, 3rd after dressage he just popped round double clear and was the the second fastest round XC of the day to finish 2nd. If the cross country time had been counted as per Riding Club Eventing rules which they were running under he would have won.

At only 4 years old he is now one to keep a close eye on for the future. He gained quite a fan club at Lincombe, it seems everyone else agrees with me that Dippy has the R factor!!

Waiting for more photos but results are shown below also see his day on video by clicking on each discipline below

Dressage Show Jumping Cross Country



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