Sapey Eventing with Mindy

Below Mindy Show Jumps at Sapey with her eyes closed!!

_J1_0079I have been very busy over the Easter holidays, it’s a juggling act, coaching, competing and getting horses prepared for forthcoming events. I chose Sapey for Mindys first BE90 as it is usually a very nice first 90 cm. Well I was wrong, I walked the course and thought “Wow if I get Mindy round here I have a brave horse” she was first to go in the dressage and that went very well, SJ she was amazing just one pole see it here..

XC we got round unbelievably well with just one 20 penalties, there were only 10 XC clears in her section out of the 30 who started. She was pretty green but just kept on jumping, I took her slowly letting her learn quietly and rode wide lines to everything to let her see what she had to do clearly. She has always flown straight over ditches but this Sapey one was big, she peeped in the vastly wide, deep and dark ditch, which was the middle part of the coffin, then jumped it. She wasn’t sure about the water it was away from the lorries and had the trade stands by it, so lots to look at. The first element was close to the water, then a splash in and a step out with a spooky boat 2 strides from the step but she bravely jumped through. I was thrilled with her at the hanging logs in and out of the dark woods which had a muddy steep dip in the ground in between and also she jumped the wide box skinny exceptionally well, she was slow and hesitant at the steep sloping ground after the fence into the quarry but jumped the fence in and step out very well indeed.

Her next run is an 80 and then will look for another 90 now she has proved she can do the height with no problem.

Clip of her XC including the ditch can be seen here.

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