More Success and more Sunshine

Another early start, my alarm this Sunday went off at 4.30 am, we were off to the unaffiliated event at Aston Le Walls near Banbury. Mindy and Captain were both competing in the 80.

We had been SJ schooling to Allens Hill earlier in the week where both horses had jumped well in the 90/1m class, with a 2nd place for Captain.

The bonus of the early start was a very quiet motorway which meant I could admire the hundreds of yellow cowslips that are currently in full bloom all over the grassy banks of the M40, so pretty.

Both horses were outstanding, easy to ride in the dressage scoring 30 and 29 and both clear and confident SJ. Mindy was like a tiger XC getting a few time faults for going to fast, while Captain despite still feeling quite green gave me such a super ride, he feels like he is on springs and that every fence has a mini trampoline in front of it.

6th place for Mindy her XC can be seen here and 15th place for Captain his SJ round can be seen here

We then came home to find out that while we were away Nikki Cox, whom I coach, had only gone and won an arena Eventing competition at Lincombe. Her very first Eventing win, congratulations, this coach is feeling proud.

Mindy dressage and Captain jumping.

Nikki and Biscuit during their winning round.


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