The Unbelievable Dippy

This boy is rather special. IMG_0872

Dezina Double Dip is just amazing, all my other horses that have gone to Lincombe to do Arena Eventing started with a 60 cm class. Ultra confident Dippy gets thrown in the deep end with a 70 cm and not only that it’s an ODE with dressage and more fences to jump than the others have had to deal with. There were no green moments at all, 3rd after dressage he just popped round double clear and was the the second fastest round XC of the day to finish 2nd. If the cross country time had been counted as per Riding Club Eventing rules which they were running under he would have won.

At only 4 years old he is now one to keep a close eye on for the future. He gained quite a fan club at Lincombe, it seems everyone else agrees with me that Dippy has the R factor!!

Waiting for more photos but results are shown below also see his day on video by clicking on each discipline below

Dressage Show Jumping Cross Country



Brilliant Evening At Gadbury

The very lovely Renkum Capitano won his dressage test with 78% at Gadbury this evening, he beat several very good local combinations including an established eventing combination who are qualified for Badminton’s Mitsubishi Cup next week. A huge confidence boost for us both as he has a tendency to go timid once in the test arena. So pleased with him, he is improving so fast. His test can be viewed here.


Dippy came along too and did his first test on grass, he was a bit wobbly and unplaced, but behaved beautifully for 63%. Dippys test is here.

Photo of Dippy kindly provided by Jess-Photography


Sapey Eventing with Mindy

Below Mindy Show Jumps at Sapey with her eyes closed!!

_J1_0079I have been very busy over the Easter holidays, it’s a juggling act, coaching, competing and getting horses prepared for forthcoming events. I chose Sapey for Mindys first BE90 as it is usually a very nice first 90 cm. Well I was wrong, I walked the course and thought “Wow if I get Mindy round here I have a brave horse” she was first to go in the dressage and that went very well, SJ she was amazing just one pole see it here..

XC we got round unbelievably well with just one 20 penalties, there were only 10 XC clears in her section out of the 30 who started. She was pretty green but just kept on jumping, I took her slowly letting her learn quietly and rode wide lines to everything to let her see what she had to do clearly. She has always flown straight over ditches but this Sapey one was big, she peeped in the vastly wide, deep and dark ditch, which was the middle part of the coffin, then jumped it. She wasn’t sure about the water it was away from the lorries and had the trade stands by it, so lots to look at. The first element was close to the water, then a splash in and a step out with a spooky boat 2 strides from the step but she bravely jumped through. I was thrilled with her at the hanging logs in and out of the dark woods which had a muddy steep dip in the ground in between and also she jumped the wide box skinny exceptionally well, she was slow and hesitant at the steep sloping ground after the fence into the quarry but jumped the fence in and step out very well indeed.

Her next run is an 80 and then will look for another 90 now she has proved she can do the height with no problem.

Clip of her XC including the ditch can be seen here.

More Success and more Sunshine

Another early start, my alarm this Sunday went off at 4.30 am, we were off to the unaffiliated event at Aston Le Walls near Banbury. Mindy and Captain were both competing in the 80.

We had been SJ schooling to Allens Hill earlier in the week where both horses had jumped well in the 90/1m class, with a 2nd place for Captain.

The bonus of the early start was a very quiet motorway which meant I could admire the hundreds of yellow cowslips that are currently in full bloom all over the grassy banks of the M40, so pretty.

Both horses were outstanding, easy to ride in the dressage scoring 30 and 29 and both clear and confident SJ. Mindy was like a tiger XC getting a few time faults for going to fast, while Captain despite still feeling quite green gave me such a super ride, he feels like he is on springs and that every fence has a mini trampoline in front of it.

6th place for Mindy her XC can be seen here and 15th place for Captain his SJ round can be seen here

We then came home to find out that while we were away Nikki Cox, whom I coach, had only gone and won an arena Eventing competition at Lincombe. Her very first Eventing win, congratulations, this coach is feeling proud.

Mindy dressage and Captain jumping.

Nikki and Biscuit during their winning round.