Dynamo Jumps in The Deep End Again!!

So this time early Sunday morning we were off to Show Jump at Allens Hill.

I was up at 6.30 am to get all the horses fed and mucked out so we could be at Allens Hill at 8.45 am to jump Dynamo, this was to be his first SJ outing and I wanted to arrive and jump him when it was really quiet.

But half way there the lorry decides to stop in the road, I pressed the accelerator and nothing, it was as dead as a dodo. I had forgotten my phone but luckily Ant was with me so he rang the amazing EMLYN HUGHES, who despite being out at a party until the early hours came straight out to rescue us.

A tiny wire to the fuel pump had corroded and the lorry wheel had to be removed in order to repair it, all performed on the main road by The Dog pub at Boughton while the three horses waited patiently on the lorry. What a compete star Emlyn and Les who also came to help were. Thank you so much guys.

An hour and a half late we arrived at Allens Hill. Dynamo’s clear round had finished and the classes had started, so once again Dynamo had to cope with more than I had intended. Spectators, commentary, ponies in the warm up arena etc. Once again he was an absolute star and trotted clear round a small course in the 50 cm class finishing in 4th place, he didn’t spook or look at anything, he’s an extremely confident young horse.

Buddy and Mindy also went, they jumped in the slightly higher classes. Buddy upgrading to his first 70 and Mindy upgrading to her first 80 cm, both horses came home with rosettes for being placed. Their rounds can be seen by clicking their names here Dynamo Mindy Buddy

I am feeling so lucky to have such lovely horses. Photo is the broken wire the reason for the lorry’s unsheduled rest!!



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