Dynamo in at The Deep End!

So I had my three more experienced young horses entered for long Arena Prelim dressage at Hartpury Friday evening. But at the last minute I decided to leave Captain at home as he has had a sore tooth and I wasn’t happy he was comfortable on it.

So I took Dynamo in Captains place, Dynamo hasn’t even done a competition yet and I usually start much more low key with a walk and trot test at Hill View Arena or Allens Hill. Instead Dynamo had to cope with a canter test in the atmosphere of the International Hartpury Arena. He didn’t put a foot wrong, he tried so hard, we were awarded a very low score as hes so green. He didn’t really canter very much in the correct places and his contact isn’t established yet, but his super attitude left me feeling very excited about his future. Dynamo looking very grown up is pictured below.

Buddy also went and performed a much more correct and established test scoring 63% but was left in Mindys shadow of 2nd place and 66%. She continues to amaze me with her results, the judges seems to love her yet I don’t feel she is even going that well yet.

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