Two Super days of March Sunshine

IMG_4041A sunny weekend is always glorious, daffodils are blooming everywhere, lambs are bleating and leaping about, to add more smiles to the stunning blue skies and very green grass my horses are going fabulous.

Saturdays alarm went off at 4.40 am, I had two horses Eventing at Offchurches Lands event. Mindy doing her second event and Captain doing his first, I was pretty excited at running Captain as I have produced him from scratch and he is locally bred just a mile from me in Castlemorton at Mill Farms, Renkum Stud.

The new yard star Mindy did a 28 dressage, 2 poles SJ, just finding the sticky ground a little hard work as she’s still so weak, and then clear XC inside the time to finish 4th. Photo of Mindy above kindly taken by Kate Darlison.

Captain did a 27 dressage putting him into 2nd place then a green but clear SJ round following by a XC which gave him 40 penalites. He spooked at the chair fence with orange cushions on it and was also given a penalty at the sunken road for a slight hesitation, I didn’t think he hesitated at all but rules and rules. I came back from his round buzzing he felt amazing, top class, I even declared in the heat of the moment that he will go Advanced!! Maybe me getting a little over excited but having produced 2 advanced horses previously surely I will have one more come my way!

A mixed video of both horses XC round is here Mindy is first then Captain, look out for his spook at the chair fence and Mindy concludes the video with the last two fences. Photo of Captain below taken by First Class Images.


Sunday was a lie in under my blissful duvet, until 8 am. We were taking 2 horses to Hartpury to jump the baby horse classes and had to be loaded and ready by 9. Dynamo and Buddy had both had Saturday off, as we were Eventing, yet they still behaved beautifully. Both boys jumped well and clear, Dynamo finished in 3rd place and is looking like he has the makings of a top class horse, his round is HERE. My livery Nikki and the lovely Biscuit came 2nd so a really enjoyable yard outing. Then on our way home a client, Tracy Haines, messages me to say her young horse gone clear at his first ever XC event. Tracy is coached by me and has taken her lovely young horse Blue from a green youngster to what is becoming a confident and exceptional young horse.


Feeling Very Lucky

We have just had the most lovely few days with our horses.

It all began when my alarm went off at 5.30 am on Friday when we had an early start to take Mindy to Stafford Horse Trials.

She was an absolute star and couldn’t have gone any better to finish on her dressage of 28 and in 4th place. A week before she hadn’t even seen a real XC fence. She took it all in her stride, there were a few few seriously green wobbles in front of a few fences but she listened to my aids to keep straight and jumped everything I asked her to. She even qualified for the 80 championships in the Autumn at Weston Park. I can’t believe such a green horse has had such a high place at her first ever outing on grass. Love her.

Then Saturday another early start to take the other 3 to a dressage show and once again they couldn’t have gone any better.

In the prelim tests Captain won on 70%, Buddy 2nd also on 70% and a IMG_0859rather inatentive and wobbly  Dynamo, pictured, came 3rd in the walk and trot test with 66%. I also rode Barney who is a clients horse to sort out a few problems she was having and I finished 4th on him, I came out of the arena saying he will go sweet for his owner now. He did too as his lovely owner Kelly finished 3rd in the prelim on 69% and even scored a 9!!!

Sunday we took Captain XC schooling, he has improved since last years XC schooling outing and jumped straight over the ditches and was very bold into the water, he was actually too bold at times when he lept off one of the drop fences I had to sit really tight as he has a huge jump.

I need to sleep now, luckily Monday is a day off, just some quiet hacking to do.

Dynamo Jumps in The Deep End Again!!

So this time early Sunday morning we were off to Show Jump at Allens Hill.

I was up at 6.30 am to get all the horses fed and mucked out so we could be at Allens Hill at 8.45 am to jump Dynamo, this was to be his first SJ outing and I wanted to arrive and jump him when it was really quiet.

But half way there the lorry decides to stop in the road, I pressed the accelerator and nothing, it was as dead as a dodo. I had forgotten my phone but luckily Ant was with me so he rang the amazing EMLYN HUGHES, who despite being out at a party until the early hours came straight out to rescue us.

A tiny wire to the fuel pump had corroded and the lorry wheel had to be removed in order to repair it, all performed on the main road by The Dog pub at Boughton while the three horses waited patiently on the lorry. What a compete star Emlyn and Les who also came to help were. Thank you so much guys.

An hour and a half late we arrived at Allens Hill. Dynamo’s clear round had finished and the classes had started, so once again Dynamo had to cope with more than I had intended. Spectators, commentary, ponies in the warm up arena etc. Once again he was an absolute star and trotted clear round a small course in the 50 cm class finishing in 4th place, he didn’t spook or look at anything, he’s an extremely confident young horse.

Buddy and Mindy also went, they jumped in the slightly higher classes. Buddy upgrading to his first 70 and Mindy upgrading to her first 80 cm, both horses came home with rosettes for being placed. Their rounds can be seen by clicking their names here Dynamo Mindy Buddy

I am feeling so lucky to have such lovely horses. Photo is the broken wire the reason for the lorry’s unsheduled rest!!



Dynamo in at The Deep End!

So I had my three more experienced young horses entered for long Arena Prelim dressage at Hartpury Friday evening. But at the last minute I decided to leave Captain at home as he has had a sore tooth and I wasn’t happy he was comfortable on it.

So I took Dynamo in Captains place, Dynamo hasn’t even done a competition yet and I usually start much more low key with a walk and trot test at Hill View Arena or Allens Hill. Instead Dynamo had to cope with a canter test in the atmosphere of the International Hartpury Arena. He didn’t put a foot wrong, he tried so hard, we were awarded a very low score as hes so green. He didn’t really canter very much in the correct places and his contact isn’t established yet, but his super attitude left me feeling very excited about his future. Dynamo looking very grown up is pictured below.

Buddy also went and performed a much more correct and established test scoring 63% but was left in Mindys shadow of 2nd place and 66%. She continues to amaze me with her results, the judges seems to love her yet I don’t feel she is even going that well yet.