Just Schooling

Took Buddy, Mindy and Captian schooling to Summerhouse today. Here they had a round of show jumps set up and a round of arena XC jumps. I had hired it for 60 minutes which costs £40, I had my work cut out to get all three horses tacked up, schooled round, cooled off and next one off the lorry in the time allowed. Ant was there to hold one as I got the next one off the lorry and our friends Kieth and Mil also bought their horses to share the schooling, which also meant we had a spare person to put jumps up and down.

Captain has gained in confidence greatly in just the last week and felt amazing, he felt so brave and is jumping 80/90 very confidently now. Buddy is 3 months behind Captain in his training, he jumped the course with smaller fences, he was brave at the jumps but was still looking around at the advertising banners etc as he doesn’t have the miles on the clock yet. Mindy started off with some tiny fences then growing in confidence she was jumping around 80 by the time we finished. Came home pleased as it’s not often all the horses in the lorry go very well at the same time!

Photo below of Captain from Lincombe last week.


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