More Wins for Mindy

The lady is on a winning streak!!

Saturday we went with 3 horses to Hill View Arena. Buddy did two tests and was placed in both, he was still pretty green though, he has only been back in work a couple of weeks.

The beautiful Mindy, pictured below, won another prelim on 68% and then came second in the Novice on 65%, she wasn’t really ready for a Novice but it made the timings between horses a bit easier for me. Her 2nd placing was quite a surprise as she didn’t really counter canter or show much medium trot!


Then we got Dynamo out and hired the arena for 20 mins, he was as good as gold so I think he will be ready for a small competition very soon.

Sunday we took three horses Arena Eventing to Lincombe XC. This week it was a round of 8 show jumps followed by some XC jumps to include some skinnys, a drop fence, a corner and some tight lines were needed if you wanted to get the time without riding like an idiot.

Clever Mindy won the baby class and then had 4 faults in the 70 to finish in 8th place. We were also thrilled to bits to see Tracey Haines, a rider that I coach, ride a beautiful double clear to finish 7th.

Mindys 70 cm round can be seen here. Buddy came 3rd in the baby class with a double clear. Photos below are Mindy and Captain who jumped in the 80 cm with one run out, in the double, due to his fear of spectators!

Also Buddy and Mindys prizes, horse treats the perfect prize!!

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