Mindy Double Winner

The title of this post feels a bit of a cheat really. We took Mindy to Allens Hill to do her first ever canter tests, 2 prelims. She went really well and won both tests, it’s really odd I feel like I am riding a rather average thoroughbred (she’s half TB) but everyone else seems to see a flash horse and the dressage judges love her. What is pleasing is she’s always does everything with her ears pricked and she tries really hard.

So why do I feel like the wins were a cheat? Allens Hill now split the dressage classes into gold, silver and bronze and junior and senior, which means the sections are very very tiny, so it’s easy to win. There were 4 in Mindys one section and she was the only one in the other!! Having said that at Allens Hill they do use listed registered Judges so  the marking is a really useful and accurate guide, Mindy scored an amazing 70% and 68% which is exceptional for her first attempt at this level.

We also took Cpatain for the Eventer Training class in which he came third, this class wasn’t split and his placing was very good considering there were some top level riders in the class who were on older horses than him, he’s only just rising 4. He was extremely brave jumping but I feel he needs the fences bigger as he’s barely stepping over them at 80 cm. See his round here. The fences were quite challenging for such a baby horse and it was snowing!

The lovely Mindy pictured below.




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