Green Horses Are Hard Work

We have been busy, educating all these young horse which we seem to have collected for 2017. Hard work and they certainly test my core stability at times, I sometimes wonder why people go to a gym when they could just ride green horses to get themselves fit and educate the young horse at the same time!! I guess they would have to learn how to ride first though and a gym is much safer of course!!!

Dynamo is home and is going nicely although still needs a baby sitter to hack out, as although he’s basically a quiet horse it’s been so windy this week we dare not try him on his own yet. Windy weather is never the best conditions for fresh, inexperienced, young horses!

Captian and Mindy went to Allens Hill last week and to my amazement Mindy came second in her first competitive class, Walk and Trot B dressage with 60 cm jumping, she even beat Captain who was close on her heels in 3rd. The judge really liked her and I have to say she’s is really growing on me, the sweetest temperament, she does nothing wrong, try’s really hard, loves people and really enjoys her work. Its always nice when they do everything with their ears pricked forwards.

This week Mindy went to Hartpury where she did a super double clear in the baby SJ class to finish 3rd, she has progressed a lot since her first outing to Hartpury only two weeks ago, this weeks round can be seen here.

Then Buddy, who has been having a winter holiday, came back into work this weekend he’s had Some work in the arena at home, hopefully he will be ready to go to a low level show in a week or two.

Below pic is Mindy at Hartpury photo not great quality as taken off the video.




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