Mindy’s first show

The current yard star is 4 year old Captain, he is maturing so fast and is becoming a very confident, well balanced horse. An outing to Summerhouse where he upgraded to jumping a bigger SJ course proved him to be careful and easy to a fence. It felt so easy despite a fair few green moments, his round can be watched by clicking here.

My new girl, 5 year old Mindy (Midnight Star) is progressing well and was just about ready for her first show this week, she was very green but jumped really well. Her round can be seen here, lots of jumping from trot as her canter is still weak, she was also slightly over awed by the atmosphere in Hartpurys posh International Arena.

She seems to have really enjoyed her outing and is looking really pleased with herself this morning.



Dressage at Lincombe

Captain made his dressage debut today at Lincombe Arena. We arrived early to allow him time to settle as this would be his first proper show environment. It was really busy with a large crowd of spectators watching, despite the foggy weather I think everyone had persuaded their Parents, Aunts and Uncles to come along to watch.

He was a really sensible boy and took it all in his stride, the first small pony that cantered near to him resulted in a spooky moment, but he quickly got used to this and soon didn’t bat an eyelid as horses cantered near to him from all directions.

He did two nice tests, for 68% and 72% and was well placed in the final results too. His first and very green prelim 4 test can be seen here.

Next outing will be jumping, much more fun!



Happy New Year

Christmas is all done and dusted, I had 12 for Xmas day dinner which went all very nicely and everyone enjoyed the food which was followed by party games organised by my sister Anna and her daughter Maisie. Great fun and its lovely to fill the horse with a large family party, the house certainly lends itself well to partying!

We are now gearing up for the the new season, I have lots of dressage outings planned to begin with…….. errr well three… that’s lots isn’t it??!!! Then the fun begins with some arena Eventing mid January.

Buddy has been turned out for a month and the lovely Captain is back in work. I bought stunning grey horse for 2017 but after a weeks trial and trouble with his brakes, he has been replaced by a very nice bay mare, who is rising 5, photo below. I have a team of 3 bays and a chestnut for this year….oh and Dippy who is the odd one out, being a chunky piebald!