Buddy Goes Posh N Green


Buddy had a big occasion this week, indoor dressage at Hartpury and a long arena test, it was also his first test which included canter.

The show was at Hartpury, as it was an evening show I was worried if he sweated up he would never dry off and then get a chill, so I decided to give him his first ever clip. When I started up the clippers he snorted loudly and kept in the air, I thought I was never going to clip him. But luckily he trusts me and as I ran the buzzing  clippers near him and patted him he let me get closer with them. He gradually relaxed until I could run them over him. He had a very tiny keyhole clip, just the under side of his neck, he actually seemed to quite enjoy it and even let me clip a little bit of hair off his chin. Bless him he is a very sweet horse.

I also decided to complete the picture by plaiting him up, he seemed very surprised by this and kept rolling his eye at me wondering what on earth I was doing. Having only had human contact for the first time about 5 months ago Buddy is very short of life’s pampering experiences, the look on his face was a bit like me having my hair done posh for my wedding day!!

He was so good at Hartpury, although an extremely green dressage test was performed. Mesmerised by the judges, who were sat at a table covered by Hartpurys famous red table cloth, he broke into trot 3X in his second canter. 5 scored for that but for his trot work he scored some 7’s and felt really good at times.

Total score 62% doubt if he was placed but we were there for the experience and for that purpose the outing was perfect.




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