Buddy Surprises Me


Took Buddy to his first dressage competition today at the lovely venue Hill View Arena. This was his first competitive class as his first outing last week at Hartpury was just clear round schooling.

He came off the lorry a bit lit up, for a few seconds I wondered if I would get a test out of him, he was snorting and trotting round me as I held on tight. But he calmed down very quickly and when he did I was so pleased with him as it was a little bit busier than Hartpury last week.

He warmed up beautifully and performed a lovely test, with a few green wobbles, but picked up some points when he scored an 8 for his free walk, I only taught him how to do this 3 days ago. As we free walked perfectly across the arena I found myself thinking “crikey this feels like an 8!”

His score of 67% and 2nd place really surprised me as he always feels quite plain on the flat, but I guess his correct, calm and fairly obedient test would have been pleasant to watch.

Thanks to Tracy Haines who came along as groom and support team.



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