Diva The Dressage Diva

imageDiva and her brother Dippy went to Allens Hill to continue their show education. Allens Hill is super for young horses with a very quiet and laid back atmosphere and sympathetic judges and officials.

However I hadn’t quite realised that with a BD show the next day they would be busier than usual, we arrived to find a very full lorry park, busy warm up ring and oh my goodness the really posh full white dressage boards were out. Good grief this was going to be a big outing for them both and not quite the low key evening I had planned after all!

I was so please with them both. Diva was the star scoring 73% and winning her class by 5 marks, Dippy was in a different class & was so wobbly and crooked that I can only think it was his lovely attitude and his natural rhythm that helped him pick up the marks, he was a long way off Divas score but his 61% was still a winning score.

Sounds all really impressive, but it was only walk and trot test and there were only about 6 or 7 in each class. But still a lovely second outing for Diva and a super first outing for Dippy. Another pleasing result was for rider who I coach Tracey Haines who scored a PB of 68% riding her new horse Blue at his first ever show to finish 3rd just behind Diva.

Photo is Diva about to enter the very posh arena.

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