Cow Trouble

Despite Massimo being the colour of a cow, he is still quite scared of cows and this has caused us an interesting couple of outings.

At Cholmundeley Castle in the SJ he noticed a herd of cows in the nearby field, and he decided to try & take himself back to the safety of the lorry after fence 1. As he bounced around my dreams of a stunning photo of us jumping in front of the Castle quickly dispersed and instead I was fighting just to get near the fences that were near the cows!!  Thankfully I managed to steer him back into the course and compete the round. Phew!!

Then in the start box of the XC I was being counted down “20 seconds” the starter called, Massimo stepped sideways, still looking for those Bovine creatures I guess, and pulled a front shoe off. “I can’t go XC” I called to the rather surprised starting official. Luckily they hadn’t said “Go” so they cancelled my start and called for a farrier. All rather embarressing seeing as I am married to a farrier!! I am like the cobblers daughter, my horses get shod when the shoes fall off which sometimes is an amazing 12 weeks! 

Once the shoe was back on Massimo nipped round clear inside the time, it was a lovely course all feeling very easy on him.

Our next run was at our local event the lovely Homme House, it’s a lovely XC and perfect I felt for Massimo’s first Novice. Maybe not such a good idea when I realised that it being our local event as it seemed everyone I knew was coming to watch. Yikes!

Massimo SJ and dressage X really well and I was so pleased with him, the XC was really nice, not too tricky and we aimed to just give him a fun & confident round.

I achieved this with just with one fly past at a skinny at fence 4, however we did have another cow incident. There were about 12 young inquisitive cattle looking over a fence right by fence 14 a double of skinny houses on an angle. It took me ages to persuade him to go anywhere near them, when he did it was 106 time faults later. He Jumped through the complex beautifully. Annoying and very amusing but I have got to be pleased that the course itself had felt easy to him.

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