Offchurch & I ❤️Rock N Roll

What a super event Offchurch is. I however was suffering from a tummy bug and rode like a muppet, poor Massimo struggled round the SJ while I waited when I should have kicked and kicked when I should have waited. As the new 105 XC was a fairly substantial test and there no alternatives if I had a problem anywhere I decided to withdraw him. No point in upgrading following a poor SJ round and he’s only 5, and feeling dizzy and wobbly I don’t think I would have given him the best ride.

My new 3 year old Renkum I Love Rock and Roll now has a stable name – Buddy after Buddy Holly of course.

He is still at the stud and is progressing nicely, he was castrated last week, so this week I have got a headcollar on him, I can pick his front feet up and he has today been introduced to a saddle and bridle. Hopefully he will have been handled enough to bring him home in a couple of days time.


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