Success at Upton House and Diva

Well what a lovely surprise, Massimo managed to jump a clear SJ at Upton House BE100 which meant with his usual solid dressage and XC he finished in 4th place. This event has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, the old telegraph poles and fences on funny slopes have all gone and it’s now a flowing, inviting course, beautifully built, stunningly dressed XC, imagean outstanding event in every way. The BE100 was suitable for a first timer, the main test being a fairly tight time.

This week my lovely Diva has come back into work, she is the most lovely gentle mare and she loves her work. She’s not really a typical type for a top level eventer, although maybe I am wrong as she has plenty of TB blood plus the modern much desired warm blood plus she has stunning paces with a generous and bold attitude, so it will be interesting how far her posh trot and trainability will take her.

I have sadly put Wizard up for sale to help pay for the cost of renovating the farm house, he is a very similar sort and type to Diva, not necessarily a top horse in the making but has the paces and temperament to possibly surprise us. I have others for sale as well as I need to sell 2 or 3 horses to help pay for the ongoing renovation work. Please contact me if you would be interested in a young horse for a project.

Offchurch & I ❤️Rock N Roll

What a super event Offchurch is. I however was suffering from a tummy bug and rode like a muppet, poor Massimo struggled round the SJ while I waited when I should have kicked and kicked when I should have waited. As the new 105 XC was a fairly substantial test and there no alternatives if I had a problem anywhere I decided to withdraw him. No point in upgrading following a poor SJ round and he’s only 5, and feeling dizzy and wobbly I don’t think I would have given him the best ride.

My new 3 year old Renkum I Love Rock and Roll now has a stable name – Buddy after Buddy Holly of course.

He is still at the stud and is progressing nicely, he was castrated last week, so this week I have got a headcollar on him, I can pick his front feet up and he has today been introduced to a saddle and bridle. Hopefully he will have been handled enough to bring him home in a couple of days time.