Badminton 😁and Broadband 😡

Aplogies for the lack of a daily Badminton Report my broadband has been down at home, as although I was at Badminton almost everyday as part of Louise Harwoods support team I drove home each night so I could….

a) Avoid sleeping on a camp bed, sorry Jackie but I still remember the pain from Burghley😫

b) Poutice Massimos foot. He’s back in work now so it was worth all the driving.

We had a fab time, in short here it is

Harwoods BHT 2016

Whitson The Pooh not in the dressage, how could you!

Potts dressage, personal best in a 4* test

Whitson XC flew, until Log but he’s ok Phew

Potts XC looked easy, apart from the odd skinny

Cleared the Vicarge V as if it were a Cavaletti

SJ only a pole or two, sigh of relief from his support crew

Wiggy gets her wish, she’s won her 1st Armada Dish


and that’s it Potts XC in more detail now

Mr Potts XC turned out to be an interesting round, his habit of veering left meant bizarrely he skipped right handed around a skinny log, he jumped left at the previous element and then had no line to the skinny. Then later having awesomely flown the vicarage V as if it were a warm up fence (huge cheer in the riders tent) he next had a run out at a skinny brush when he clumsily caught his toe in the ground in front of the fence. We could clearly see the gouge he had made in Badmintons turf  on TV Arghhhh POTTS you are not supposed to be re-landscaping the park!

While all this was going on poor Jeanette Breakwell had her awful fall, leaving her trapped for what seemed to us several minutes under her horse. Eventually Louise was held out on course and we rushed off to get water to cool the now overheating Mr Potts. This led to much confusion as our buckets of water were being used to cool off Jeanettes horse, I assumed Becky and Amber had already gone with them to find Potts, so I went with drinking water for Louise, Becky realised I had gone without buckets and grabbed someone else’s buckets and then set off in the wrong direction, meanwhile a landrover full of buckets of water also set off towards Potts and so between us all eventually we got water to Mr Potts and there was a lovely shot on TV of Louises hardworking head girl Becky washing Potts off. Thankfully he was soon restarted.

He finshed well, took a while to cool off and was manic to lead back, I am sure he could have gone round again, he was much fresher than last year or than at either of his Burghley runs. So I guess he’s fitter and better than ever.

Last bit of news is that Monday after BHT I collected Mr Wizard from Dave and Julie Mansell, he is now broken and riding, not sure if he will be ready for any young horse classes this year but another exciting young horse for the future.







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