First BE Event of 2016

I was so excited about our first BE event of 2016, especially as it was Stafford one of my favourite events.

We had an early start in order to avoid the traffic on the M6, we arrived and the XC looked amazing. Lots of questions which I felt was just what Massimo was ready for. Several turning fences, step down into the water, a decent corner, a trakener and an interesting S combination of skinny to a turn to a step up then turn again to a second skinny. Massimos dressage was a bit lazy but he woke up for the SJ. He was enthusiastic and bouncy and jumped his first clear at BE.

XC he was awesome (if it’s possible to be awesome at 90 cm) he gave me a great ride, he was so well balanced and confident and despite his 17 hh it felt like I was on a BMX bike easily nipping round the obstacles.

He finished in 12th and is due to run in his first 100 next outing.


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