It’s getting very busy indeed..

Diva my 3 year old has gone off to Dave Mansell and Julie Houldeys yard for breaking and her brother Dippy has restarted his long reining this week, they were both long reined last year as 2 year olds.


We have a new horse here called Rocco, a super coloured lad who is just an absolute dream of a horse, he is 9 years old and 16 hh, he is just the most lovely boy in every way.image

I took Sprout, Blizzard and Rocco to Hill View last week for a dressage competition. Blizzard did a super test, the judges just love her, she finished in 2nd place on 68% with Rocco in 3rd on 67%. Sprout was doing a different class and I kept thinking he felt foot sore in the warm up, he was also messing about changing canter leads, was he too fresh or was he sore or was I imagining as it, I asked Ant to come and see and he said “he’s sound get on with it”

So we did but he was certainly not quite right for the odd step or two on a turn. He still managed to win his class though. When we got home Ant had an investigation and found a slit on his sole, 3 days in a poultice and he’s better and now has shoes on plus a leather pad to protect the weakened sole while it grows back. Poor Sprout I felt awful making him do a dressge test when he was so sore, what a brave horse. image


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