The New Season Begins

Had a super first run eventing for 2016 on 5 yr old Massimo this week at Aston Le Walls 90 cm. We opted to enter the unaffiliated classes on the Monday when it became obvious the weekend of BE classes were going to be well over subscribed.

Our day began with an hour delay on the M42 and we were greeted at the event by frozen ground. Lucky I wasn’t going XC until 12.30. Massimo dressaged and SJ reasonably well and then we warmed up for the now defrosted sticky XC that was getting muddier by the second. No studs needed today, they would only glue him in the ground for longer.

I jumped the practise fence badly twice and then gave up, it was on a tight turn and the mud was leg suckingly deep. However Massimo thrived in the deep going on the XC he was bold, brave and quick, everything a good XC horse should be. He was one of very few inside the time and finished 4th.

Good boy Massimo.

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