Loving Lincombe Arena XC

Had a fab if cold day at Lincombe competing in their Arena Eventing Competition.

Sprout went really super, he was so calm amongst all the ponies warming up, something he hadn’t seen before, another box ticked in his education. He won the 70 cm jumping everything big, bold and clear, he was naturally quick too. The XC left the arena and it was here I felt for the first time how he will feel out on a proper XC, he has a lovely stride for XC riding. It was a really super course. Video here.


Nikki on Rif Raf announced before they started that she was wearing her body protector for the first time ever, so it was a big occasion for them both. They also went fab for 6th place, it was a very proud moment when they completed clear XC and only one rail falling in their SJ round.


Also I had some lovely news when Tracy Haines emailed me. She is better know to many of you as head veterinary nurse at 3 Counties Equine Hospital.

Her ex race horse Fine Girl You Are has qualified for the ROR finals at Aintree. A fab result as Tracy has worked so hard with this little TB mare.

We had a busy weekend as Massimo had been to Hartpury BE JAS the day before, some interesting & very short distances left me confused as how to ride them on my green 17 hh 5 year old. The 7 yard doubles looked and felt tight, Massimo is so bold I was convinced he would bounce them if I didn’t shorten him, then the 15 yard related distances rode oddly in the 90, it resulted in me trying to over protect him & getting over hooky with rails falling in the 100, I should have just left him to it!!  Having said that we learnt lots, he is extremely bold and brave and I need to trust him more and ride him more forward than normal 5 year olds.

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