The last two outings with my baby horses have resulted in a handful of red rosettes.

Combined training at Allens Hill with Blizzard and Sprout resulted in a win for Blizzard and a 2nd place for Sprout, both were tense and neighing to their friends in the dressage but a clear SJ secured the rosettes. Then Nikki who I coach finished in 3rd in the bigger class at her first combined training competition.

This weekend we were out again, still working on that important dressage phase, this time at Hartpury. We felt slightly scruffy wearing our plain hacking jackets on our fluffy youngsters, among the blingy riders in expensive looking shiny hats and jackets to match on flash horses with white bandages!!!

Sprout was tense in class one prelim 7 and I was so surprised to find he had won on 68%. Ahhh well not many in it I thought. Then he did a better test in the second test p18 and despite it being a larger class with even more flashy horses in it and with a different judge he won on 69%.

Next up was my non dressage horse 4 year old Massimo for his first attempt at a Novice, I had bravely entered him in both Novice tests.

When we got him off the lorry I found he had sprung a hind shoe, it was slipped sideways and still half on with 3 nails missing and 3 still very firmly in place, a toe clip was embedded in his foot. Using a hoof pick as a buffer and a normal DIY hammer I impressed even myself and after a good ten minutes I stood up shoe in hand declaring proudly “I am not a wife of a farrier for nothing”

This made for a rushed warmup and a slightly wobbly test but he still finished in second, then he went even better in the next test and won it.

I am still feeling quite stunned by our success, need to thank my dressage coach Kate Cowell for all her help with Massimo this year, she is yet to meet Sprout, Happy Days & I can’t wait for the new season to start.


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