Solihull BS

It was off to Solihull today with Massimo for some British Show Jumping. He was an absolute star, he picked up his dangly legs enough to jump a double clear in the Discovery Blue Chip qualifier, it was a qualifier for the winter Championships & it was 1.10 in the jump off. Pretty big for a 4 year old. There were 80 in it so I have no idea if Massimo was placed as we jumped early and came home to get the other horses ridden.

Next week we have plans to take Sprout and Blizzard out to a show, they are loving the hacking at the new house and both go into all the ponds and jump all the ditches and bushes on the common without question.

We had a funny incident this week with Hedgerow our tiny little cat, she went missing for 2 days. I wasn’t too worried as she often goes visiting, our next door neighbours have already returned her once. Only this time she had been shut in the cupboard under the sink for 36 hours. I had heard a meow but I thought it was the builders ladder squeaking, I only investigated further when it sounded like I had a cat in the dishwasher, thank goodness it was the cupboard next to the dishwasher and not the actual dishwasher. Funny little cat.


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